Tillandsia funckiana

RM 8.00

Tillandsia funckiana is found in Colombia, Venezuela. An upright plant with soft spikes. This plant grows into a clump quite fast, as offsets are produced. You may see some of them grow straight, while others grow in a twisting and turning fashion. They don’t even need soil, as they absorb water and nutrients through the scales on their leaves with regular misting and soaking. After they soak for about 1 to 3 hours, shake off any excess water before setting them out to dry and make sure it does not retain any water. We recommend heavy misting once or twice a week in our tropical climate.

  • Growth Size : approx. 4 - 5 inches depending on variety. Current size ranges at 3 - 5 inches height.
  • *Note** I ship plants within West Malaysia due to custom restriction.
  • We include Plant Care Card for your convenient use.
  • They are suitable to be mounted/hung on a drift wood.

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