About Me

Harley Danker is the Founder and Designer behind Concrete Dezign. His career began when he first graduated from Taylors University with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architecture. He worked at a local architecture firm called Design Collectives Architect. Harley has a handful of skills making architectural models when he first studied architecture. He knew how much he was passionate about translating an idea into a physical mock-up. After he quitted his first job, he pursued to other design fields where he soon realized he could do more with just than model making.

One fine day, he stumbled across a shop selling handmade concrete and cement pots. He took a leap of faith and ventured his knowledge into his first line to make tiny concrete pots using hand molded paper cups and cardboard model . The idea eventually grew utilizing different technologies with the stunning 3D print tools to make silicone molds. Besides planters, Harley handcrafts a wider range of other related essentials for modern home and office decor.

Today, he runs his small business entirely from home in Malaysia. Harley believes with every of his handcrafted concrete products creates a sentimental bonding between human and nature.

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