Redondo Pot - Black Marble

RM 70.00

This dark marble will certainly transmit a dark minimalist vibe and a color contrast into your space.

'The Redondo Pot' is an inspired touch of architecture placing together in a particular configuration form and modern structure. This absolute cylindrical shape creates an uplifting design to the eyes. 

My concrete collections were inspired by minimalist architecture designed with necessary functional components in achieving the greatest modern lifestyle. The beautifully handcrafted pieces are molded, hand poured, sanded, and coated with clear matte paint for a fine smooth finishing touch. 


  • Materials : Concrete , Cement
  • Dimension ( D x H ) : 11.5cm x 8.8cm 
  • *Note** Each piece is completely unique and handmade individually with the slight color may differ from product photo. Please do expect some slight small air bubbles for its natural occurrence. 
  • Plant is not included.  
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